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Propulsiasys’s Cloud consulting services help Startups and SMBs adopt cloud confidently.Moving the infrastructure to the cloud from physical data centre or deploying various components of applications on the cloud without adequate technical knowledge of various cloud computing services generally results in sub-optimal utilization of the cloud services.

Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation

We help you to adopt cloud confidently. We bring you multi cloud expertise and experience to provide the right and optimal solution for your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Adoption

Cloud services such as AWS offer many services that help product teams to bring in scalability by using various serverless solutions such as messaging servers, push notification servers, queue servers, email servers etc. At PropulsiaSys we help development teams understand the value of these services and how they can be leveraged to make the product more robust, scalable and have cost-optimized deployment. Mobile application or web application backend APIs benefit enormously by being asynchronous with the use of notification/queue services etc. PropulsiaSys provides consulting services and works closely with the dev teams to drive better cloud adoption. Sometimes such an engagement also comes bundled with necessary training for the members of the development teams.

Some of our adoption services include
  • Assessment, Architecture, Deployment of Cloud Infrastructure
  • Performance and Reliability Assessment
  • Right cloud services identification
  • Security, Identity and Access Management
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Cloud Migration

Migration of infrastructure from a physical data center to a cloud environment is a non-trivial task as it involves a major shift in the way an enterprise manages its infrastructure. Often enterprises that go ahead with migration to the cloud without adequate preparation or expert assistance end up with sub-optimal results with their migration exercises. We at PropulsiaSys work closely with all stakeholders of the enterprise and assists them in understanding the big picture as well as the nitty-gritty involved in migrations. Thereby helping them get the best results from the migration exercise.

Some of our Migration services include
  • Migration from On-Premise to Cloud
  • Migration from one cloud service to another
  • Data Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Server Migration
  • Data Centre Migration
  • Training
  • POCs/Pilot Projects
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Cloud Optimization

Once an application is deployed on the cloud or an infrastructure is moved to the cloud, an enterprise needs to see if they are getting the best out of their infrastructure. In a physical data centre, the cost elements are clear and estimating the TCO (total cost of ownership) is relatively more straight forward, whereas on the cloud, because of the complexity of various elements that go into the cost of the infrastructure, knowledge of the pricing intricacies is enormously useful in cost optimization. For example, connecting to a database server using the public IP may result in avoidable cost of data traffic apart from, of course, making the database servers vulnerable. PropulsiaSys has managed to help the clients reduce their AWS bills by 20-30%.

Some of our Optimization services include
  • Cost Optimization
  • Performance Optimization
  • DR -Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability
  • Backup & Restore
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Cloud Automation

PropulsiaSys’s cloud specialists have deep knowledge in various modern IT tools and have experience handling several automation engagements. With expertise in configuration management tools (such as Chef, Puppet), cloud native management solutions (such as Systems Manager/Run Command etc.) and provisioning tools( such as Cloud Formations etc.), PropulsiaSys’s engineer help clients automate their infra tasks and follow the best practices of managing “infrastructure as code” resulting in tested, repeatable deployment.

Some of our Automation services include
  • Infrastructure Automation Puppet/Jenkins/Docker/Chef
  • Automation Tools
  • Scripting
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Cloud Managed Services

PropulsiaSys offers managed services to maintain Cloud based infrastructure. Our infra management team is equipped to make use of native monitoring tools such as cloud watch, custom deployed monitoring tools, setting up/responding to alarms etc. Since we deal with the infrastructure of several clients, you can benefit from our economies of scale and have access to a professional services team at a fraction of the cost you may otherwise incur.

Some of our Manages services include
  • Incident & Change Management
  • Provisioning Management
  • Application Management ( Patching etc. )
  • Identity & Access Management Security Management
  • Monitoring & Reporting

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Cloud Development

AWS offers several services that can be leveraged to reduce the effort involved in building large robust and scalable applications.Asynchronicity is the key for performance of large applications. Services such as SNS, SQS etc make implementation of asynchronous notifications, scheduling jobs etc. easy. PropulsiaSys helps in developing applications leveraging the cloud and in re-architecting applications to benefit from the serverless services from cloud providers such as AWS.

Some of our Cloud Development services include
  • Cloud enable Dev/Deployment processes
  • Serverless Service -Adoption of new age cloud services AWS API Gateway, Lamda etc
  • Integrate with AWS APIs
  • Offload workload to Cloud Messaging, Scheduled Jobs, Queuing, Notifications Logging
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The development services offered by PropulsiaSys help Startups and SMBs with their development needs starting from idea stage to creation of MVP and beyond. A strong cloud focus, a team of full stack developers, strong test driven development practices, emphasis on good documentation and agile development approaches help us deliver quality applications on time.

Assisting Start-Ups With MVP And Beyond

"It's Not the Big That Eat the Small...It's the Fast That Eat the Slow". A strong cloud focus, a team of full stack developers, test driven development practices, emphasis on good documentation and agile development approaches help us deliver quality applications on time.

API Development

The API team at PropulsiaSys is well versed in various technologies that help in designing /developing/deploying APIs quickly. Since the APIs are for consumption by a different team, typically a web or mobile application development team, detailed documentation and comprehensive testing go a long way in ensuring high productivity during the development phase for all teams involved.

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Web/Mobile Development

PropulsiaSys has a team of full stack developers who deliver web development services using framework such as Python/Django, PHP/Symfony etc. and also develop modern Single Page Web Applications using client side frameworks such as Angular. Because of our API focus, we are able to develop a web front end for any API quickly.

Application Services List
  • Application Development
  • Performance Engineering
  • API development
  • Support & Maintenance
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Cloud Computing has democratized access to robust infrastructures and even a cash-strapped start-up can set up a global fault tolerant highly available infrastructure foundation for their applications. However, since this is a new area of technology, most infra teams are not geared to manage cloud deployments effectively. Also, Cloud infrastructures require smaller but knowledgeable teams to manage them. PropulsiaSys steps in to assist such organizations with their Managed Cloud Services.

Effortless DevOps Adoption

Automate your integration, testing, deployment routines. Implement infrastructure as code for reliable, repeatable foundation for your application.


  • Automated builds through Continuous Integration
  • Integrate testing into build cycle for improved confidence in the builds
  • Automated deployments to multiple target platforms - Physical/Virtual Machines, Cloud Infra, PaaS services and Containers etc.

Configuration Management

  • Move away from Manual to Automated Ops
  • Adopt "infrastructure as code" for repeatable and reliable deployments


Multi Cloud Deployment Automation

The client is a Silicon Valley based analytics start-up in the process quality space working with large technology companies.

The analytics platform developed by the client was supported on native Linux servers, virtual machines or on docker containers either on-prem or on the cloud infrastructure of the user organization. However, the deployment processes, developed for the initial pilot customers, were cumbersome and needed a high degree of collaboration at the time of deployment making the onboarding process expensive. With increased traction in the market, the client felt the need to automate the deployment process and to support a variety of deployment platforms.


  • We proposed a solution providing support for a larger set of deployment platforms that include Native Linux , Virtual Machines , AWS EKS, GCP GKE and Azure AKS
  • We developed a self service deployment wizard that helped in smooth deployment across all supported platforms.
  • Developed using Python, Cloud APIs, Orchestration tools like AWS Cloud Formation, AWS Code Commit, Google Cloud Deployment Manager, Azure Resource Manager and AWS Code Deploy etc.


Re-Architecting AWS Infrastructure

The client is a well known player in EdTech Space providing learning and testing services to students aspiring to get admission in to undergraduate courses at leading universities across the globe.

The client runs several responsive web applications and mobile apps. With massive response for some of their new offerings, their customer base expanded rapidly from 2,000 to 250,000 in a short span of time. This rapid scaling up exposed many inherent issues in the design of the application and the supporting infrastructure and resulted in a range of scalability issues. We were hired to take a comprehensive look at the client’s infrastructure on AWS and architect a scalable infrastructure to support scaling up to 2 million end users and also suggest improvements to the application design.


We worked closely with the client’s application team and identified the following improvements needed at the application level:

  • Enhancing the application to make it suitable for horizontal scaling
  • Rationalizing the use of third party APIs to reduce the total impact on performance
  • Use of caching to reduce load on the web/api servers and to improve performance
  • Moving to asynchronous integrations and loose coupling between components


Others Case Studies

Cloud migration for scalability

We helped a media house refactor the product to make it more cloud optimized.
Here are some of the optimizations:

  • All scheduled jobs migrated to serverless services
  • All static assets moved to object storage and placed behind CDN
  • DBs migrated managed DBs for better manageability
  • Compute services optimized with horizontal scalability
  • Health checks with notification to pager duty

Cloud Platform

AWS, EC2, Auto Scaling, ALB, Lambda, CloudWatch, S3, Cloud Front, Route 53, RDS, SNS, SQS etc., Cloud Formation

AWS to Azure Migration

A large logistic data company took a strategic decision to migrate from AWS to Azure

  • The applications were originally deployed on Elastic Beanstalk and the the migration involved analyzing and documenting 2 dozen applications and their elastic beanstalk dependencies
  • Since the target platform was IaaS, rather than PaaS, the project involved refactoring the deployment approaches
  • The migration exercise was used as an opportunity to streamline application deployment using better CI/CD processes
  • Since a large number of applications were involved, infrastructure management was automated using Terraform and configuration management was done using Ansible

Cloud Platform

AWS, Azure (AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Azure VMs, VM scale sets, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Functions, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Monitor, Azure DevOps

Performance Optimization Consulting

A digital marketing agency was experiencing bottle necks in performance in certain parts of the application and vertical scaling measures did not yield the desired long-term results

  • DB was identified as the bottle neck and mismatch of connection management between the application server and the DB was the key bottle neck
  • Slow queries were analyzed and indexes were enhanced based on the current
  • As a result of these improvements, the agency could scale down the DB server vertically bringing in cost optimization

Cloud Platform

AWS, EC2, CloudWatch

Other Technologies Used

Java, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL

Disposable Lab Environments on AWS

Designed and developed an API backend and Web UI for creating and managing on-demand lab environments to support various technology courses. The design included:

  • Scheduled creation of lab environments for scheduled courses
  • On demand creation of lab environments for individuals
  • Life Cycle Management of lab environments


AWS Boto3, Apache, SNS, Lambda, CloudWatch, S3


HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, Bootstrap, Python / Django, PostgreSQL


Businesses grow by drawing on existing assets to create entirely new offerings. It’s simple in concept, but not easy to execute. Fresh eyes can help.

At Propulsiasys, we give what customers want and act instantly to deliver on their needs and demands. We innovate and help you implement new technologies and empower you to thrive in the digital economy. PropulsiaSys strives to consistently challenge conventional techniques of software development and cross creative boundaries to make our clients happy.

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Our team has an industry experience of 25+ years. We have experience working across continents and multiple time zones.

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We have experience working in various fields with domain expertise in building solutions across many sectors not limited to

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Our Vision

To be a valued partner who enables any company irrespective of its size to be fully cloud enabled.

Our Mission

We are committed to the success of our customers by means of providing the best bespoke solution tailored to be truly innovative.


As we are constantly exploring the potential of emerging technology, we build our network and grow our relationship with fresh innovation, precision solutions to solve for your needs. We associate with a vast set of leading partners to help discover what technology can enable for your business. Our partners bring the right technology and deep expertise to accelerate changes across your business and create scope of your enter-prise.


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